ICAB - Institute for Brazilian Audiovisual Content

Knowledge, qualification and audiovisual connection in all its expressions.

Founded on May 14, 2014, ICAB is inspired by International Audiovisual Institutes that contribute to the formation of trained and up-to-date professionals, that foster dialogue and the construction of critical thinking, and that also promote culture, as well as the defense and conservation of intangible, historical and artistic heritage.

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and with an office in São Paulo (Brazil), the institute dedicates itself to carrying out initiatives and partnerships that expand the dissemination of KNOWLEDGE on the creative industry, the QUALIFICATION of professionals, beginners and students in the audiovisual segment and related areas, and the CONNECTION of these agents with both the national and international markets. Seminars, courses, workshops, and forums dedicated to exchanges on the creation, production, and distribution of audiovisual content for all sorts of screens in Brazil and abroad are among the activities of ICAB.

A private non-profit organization, the Institute for Brazilian Audiovisual Content (ICAB) has been qualified by the Ministry of Justice as an OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) on October 7, 2014; and as such, has the mission of promoting training programs, market research and cooperation agreements with other institutes of the audiovisual sector around the world.

About us

The group of professionals responsible for all scopes of work developed by the Institute for Brazilian Audiovisual Content (ICAB) is made up of managers, producers and educators who are references in the national and international market. They are specialists in their areas, with multidisciplinary characteristics and individual talents who continuously contribute to the development and training of the Brazilian audiovisual sector. At ICAB, these professionals aim to contribute to the expansion of knowledge, the connection with the market and the continuous qualification of experienced professionals as well as beginners, researchers and university students involved in the audiovisual sector and related areas.

ICAB programs

Aware of the potential of the creative economy in Brazil and in the world, and encouraging new talents, the institute develops and supports projects that are in synergy with its programs, which aim to stimulate independent national audiovisual qualification and entrepreneurship, with a view to growth, recognition and even greater opportunities.


DIALOGUE, SUPPORT AND CRITICAL THINKING as fundamental, strategic and transforming tools in the process of qualifying new professionals, connecting all the sector's agents and forming an audience.


MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACTIVITIES in various areas of the audiovisual sector, aimed at new professionals and students of the audiovisual sector and related areas, with a view to generating opportunities, as well as developing and improving skills.


Dedicated to expanding and stimulating the search for knowledge, promoting RESEARCH and DATA collection on the sector, as well as facilitating access to INFORMATION on the characteristics, standards, practices, updates, and trends of the audiovisual area and the creative industry in Brazil and abroad. A reference space for researchers, professionals, students and other agents of the segment.

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ICAB - Institute for Brazilian Audiovisual Content

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